Classic Logo MasterSounds Turntable WeightSatin Silver

Be With Records
 £ 50   £ 41.67 

We’re not going to tell you that you absolutely need a turntable weight, but you might very well want one. And if you’re going to get one then you might as well get a MasterSounds one because they’re the best turntable weights in the world.

Engineered here in the North of England from an 80mm diameter solid lump of aluminium, MasterSounds designed their weights to reduce any unwanted resonance that comes from playing records on any turntable. This reduced noise floor improves the musical soundstage for “improved bass response, tighter mids and controlled highs”. The weights also have a nice grippy pad underneath which can help keep those mixes extra solid.

Of course we asked MasterSounds to slap a massive black Be With logo on top of a satin silver weight for us and they’ve made a limited edition of 20.

Be With’s records already sound great, but they should sound even better with a beautiful hunk of aluminium resting on top of them so that the only vibes will be those coming out of the speakers.

Technical Specification
Handmade in England
80mm diameter × 41mm high
400g (light enough to not cause damage to a turntable’s bearing system, but heavy enough to give sonic improvement)
Rubber anti-slip base
Limited edition of 20
Comes in a velvet-style bag and numbered MasterSounds cardboard box